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My fellow itchios. I have decided to hit steam with my #Supernatural fangame called #UEBERNATURAL
The game will stay FREE!
The ITCHIO page will stay ONLINE!

The game can now be found on Steam:

Thank you so much and remember: Always keep fighting!

About the game

SUPERNATURAL is a phenomenon. That's a fact. No matter what kind of monster - No matter what kind of classic rock song... Sam & Dean will blast em! This is exactly what this FANGAME is about.

  • Play as Sam & Dean in a classic Jump n Gun n Slash!
  • Fight against all famous SUPERNATURAL enemies!
  • Upgrade to better weapons like Angel Knifes or THE Colt!
  • Drive to new haunted locations in Deans black Impala!
  • Investigate crime scenes in Point & Click levels!


This is a FREE FANGAME for one of my all time favourite series! I am not selling the game or earn any money with it. And remember: Always keep fighting :)All sprites have been created (as fanart) by Lucile Patron & Jürgen Brunner.
Development: ILIKESCIFI Games

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  • 3 classic game modes: Point & Click, Racer & ShootEmUp
  • Your favourite characters from SUPERNATURAL
  • A SUPERNATURAL fan fiction story
  • A SUPERFANTASTIC Classic Rock Soundtrack
  • 100 percent SUPERFANMADE

Controls v.2

Mouse: Menu & Point & Clickt Adventure

Keyboard: Arrow Keys (Move) + Space (Shoot)

NEW: Hit CTRL to JUMP with your IMPALA (the car)

NEW: Joypad: Joystick (Move) + A & B button (Shoot & Jump)

Plans for the game

Of course there is so much more to do. But you know what they say: ALWAYS KEEP FIGHTING!

This is only a short  demo of the basic gameplay elements. So here is what´s planned for SUPERNATURAL - THE VIDEOGAME:

More Weapons

  • Winchester!
  • Colt!
  • Angel Knifes!
  • Blade of Kane!

More Enemies

  • Vampires & Werewolves
  • Shapeshifters & Tricksters
  • Demons & Hellhounds
  • Ghosts & Ghouls
  • And of course: Clowns…

More of it all!

  • Player selection (Play as Sam or Dean)
  • A fan fiction storyline
  • Tune Deans (And Sams...) car!
  • iOS, Android, Pc & Mac support



Developer: www.ilikescifi.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ilikescifi_games/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ilikescifi/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ilikescifigames



I am trying to work on updates as often as possible. 

  • Version 3.0: First version of Uebernatural for itch.io
  • Version 3.1: Major gameplay, graphic and tech updates
  • Version 3.2 - 3.4: Major gameplay, interface & dialog updates
  • Version 3.5: Major gameplay, design, sound, etc. updates
  • Version 3.6: Update of every minigame, New Clues Level, etc.
  • Version 3.7: Major update of every level!
StatusIn development
Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
Tagsakf, dean, ilikescifi, Monsters, Pixel Art, sam, super-natural, supernatural, uebernatural, winchester
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Smartphone



Install instructions

The game is a standalone EXE file - Click it to start the game.
The game now supports fullscreen (Set it in the first screen).
You can play with Keyboard or Joystick / Joypad.
Keyboard: Arrow Left & Right + Space & Ctrl
A Mouse is needed for the ADVENTURE part of the game.

Development log

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This was so fun. 

There was a bug, however, where you're meant to drive the car... it won't go. I got around it by just jump/boosting the whole way though. x'D

I can't wait for the full game release!

So glad you liked it! Check out the Steam page for more updates! And put the game on your wishlist if you want to :)

Hi everyone!
I´m gonna move to #Steam soon! Wohoo! But no worries!!! The game will stay free. I will keep you guys updated!

i played through the demo, and honestly, it was amazing! this looks like it's going to be a great game! <3

Thank you so much! 

Please continue the game is very good congratulations on the game you are very good at it friend

Thank you. I will try my best :)

The new Demo is nearly finished! And its a big one!

Uh, i'm not sure if this is just for me or not, but it won't let me open the file and i really wanna play it, is there anything i can do to solve this?

Hi SupernaturalFan! Jürgen from ILIKESCIFI Games here - let me please help you. Can you specify your problem? What happens when you try to open the file? Is the game crashing? Sometimes deactivating your Antivirus helps to open an exe file. But just let me know what the problem looks like.

It says "Can't open file" whenever i tap on it.

Since you write "tap" I assume you are trying this on a smartphone / tab? This Demo is a Windows PC Standalone file (exe).

ohhhh, okay, thank you!


No problem at all. There will be an updated Demo version this week btw. (Demo for Windows PC again)

Thank you so much for creating a game about Supernatural. It's my all-time favorite series. Keep up the good work and I'll be sure to support you! I can't wait to play the finished version.

Thank you so much! I also really enjoy this series since... since always it seems :) I hope I can work more on this game this year! I will keep you updated!

It´s here! The Demo 3.5 with a ton of new features and updates! #AKF #SPN

I´m working BIGTIME on the 3.5 DEMO. Stay tuned for 1 last day guys! #AKF

Can't find mobile versions here on on Uebernatural's RAWG page. :-( Are you still developing it or abandoned the game?

I dont know who build this rawg page - it´s not from us :) - WE are still developing. But stick to the itchio page for news. All the best, Jot from ILIKESCIFI Games

300 Episodes! Wow! Just wow!

Looks like a very interesting prototype. I didn’t find any glitches when I played the browser version on mobile, but I thought the combat was a little too simplistic. Good luck!

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Thank you Rily. I will def. work on the combat system. Currently I am basically working on a stable tech demo. If you have some ideas for the combat section of the game - let me know over here (you can post your ideas here!): https://www.patreon.com/ilikescifi  
I´m always happy for some fresh ideas of the community! 

I think the game has huge promise. A little buggy but I hope you create a more finished version. I'll definitely  would play it again. Thanks for creating 


Hey Gravity One! Thx for your awesome video! Am I allowed to re-post it on FB and Twitter and maybe on my Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/ilikescifi ? I am currently working on a new, more advanced version in which you can actually hit the hell hound ^^ 

Sorry for the late reply. Yes you can use it

I LOVE IT !!! :D

This may sound ridiculous but i've got the game for my laptop and was wondering when the mobile version will be out? If it is already out (sorry), how do I download it from my mobile device? Thanks :)

Hi! Not it´s actually a very good question. The thing is - this game is still a prototype, waiting for more content to happen. Also I would need the a green light from the producers of the series for creating an iphone and/or android game. But I will keep you guys updated here!

Thanks for the swift reply :) I do hope you guys are able to move forward with this and I'm excited to see how the development will grow <3

Can I use the sprite for my own personal use? I'd love to try to make my own version of the game.

Sorry, can´t do that. But I´m sure you can find you own cool art style to create a Supernatural fangame.

New version: 3.1

- Did some bughunting!

- Smoother gameplay!

So happy to see a Supernatural game out there! This is one of the first I've seen!

Oh! SUPERawesome! Thank you very, very much! Really appreciate it!

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Made a short video out of this great game!

Oh yea! Awesome! Thx Michael for your video review! Carry on ;)

Really nice game! I made a little video here:

Cool Jupiter! Thank you for the very cool review!

"SPACE" is the new Action button :)

Hey! I think the game is really cool, but if I might give you a tip it's to change the button for shooting the gun. Whenever I shoot more than 3 times it keeps activating sticky keys and that ruins the experience. Other than that it's really cool and I looooove the 8-bit version of Carry on my Wayward Son!

Hey. I will do that! Since the game has been crated for mobile devices, I did not think of this fact! But thank you so much for the words. The Song has been transfered by a forum friend of mine to midi. So cool ! I should have also posted his name. I will do that! Well then: Carry on! :)