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A downloadable game for Windows



„I know what you´re thinking. Why did it have to be clowns...!?"

SUPERNATURAL is a phenomenon. That's a fact. No matter what kind of monster - No matter what kind of classic rock song... Sam & Dean will blast em! This is exactly what this FANGAME is about.

  • Play as Sam or Dean in a classic Jump n Gun n Slash!
  • Fight against all famous SUPERNATURAL enemies!
  • Upgrade to better weapons like Angel Knifes or THE Colt!
  • Drive to new haunted locations in Deans black Impala!
  • Investigate crime scenes in Point & Click levels!

New New New Super New

Play UEBERNATURAL in your browser!

New New New Super New

(Scroll down to download the PC / Windows version!)


This is a FREE FANGAME for one of my all time favourite series! I am not selling the game or earn any money with it. And remember: Always keep fighting :)All sprites have been created (as fanart) by Lucile Patron & Jürgen Brunner. Development: ILIKESCIFI Games


  • 3 classic game modes: Point & Click, Racer & ShootEmUp
  • Your favourite characters from SUPERNATURAL
  • A SUPERNATURAL fan fiction story
  • A SUPERFANTASTIC Classic Rock Soundtrack
  • 100 percent SUPERFANMADE

Controls v.2

Mouse: Menu & Point & Clickt Adventure

Keyboard: Arrow Keys (Move) + Space (Shoot)

NEW: Joypad: Joystick (Move) & A button (Shoot)

Plans for the game

Of course there is so much more to do. This is only a short tech demo of the basic gameplay elements. So here is what we have planned for SUPERNATURAL - THE VIDEOGAME:

More Weapons

  • Winchester
  • Colt
  • Angel Knife
  • Blade of Kane

More Enemies

  • Vampires & Werewolves
  • Shapeshifters & Tricksters
  • Demons & Hellhounds
  • Ghosts & Ghouls
  • And of course: Clowns…

More of it all!

  • Player selection (Play as Sam or Dean)
  • A fan fiction storyline
  • Tune Deans car
  • iOS, Android, Pc & Mac support

@ Weirder Stuff Jam

Two Minigames of the #supernatural fan game have already been prototyped before the jam. All the rest has been created within this weekend. I respect the rules and I love game jams! That's why I really wanted to post my game here. And the theme just fits perfectly, doesn't it :)



Game page: SuperNatural - The video game

More information

Published22 days ago
StatusIn development
Tags16-bit, dean, ilikescifi, iwanttocreate, Monsters, Pixel Art, sam, supernatural, super-nintendo, winchester
Asset licenseAll rights reserved
Average durationA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Smartphone
Player countSingleplayer


SuperNatural (Windows) (9 MB)


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"SPACE" is the new Action button :)

Hey! I think the game is really cool, but if I might give you a tip it's to change the button for shooting the gun. Whenever I shoot more than 3 times it keeps activating sticky keys and that ruins the experience. Other than that it's really cool and I looooove the 8-bit version of Carry on my Wayward Son!

Hey. I will do that! Since the game has been crated for mobile devices, I did not think of this fact! But thank you so much for the words. The Song has been transfered by a forum friend of mine to midi. So cool ! I should have also posted his name. I will do that! Well then: Carry on! :)